25.05.2018: Paul Weller – New song is here, new album coming!

Great news from Paul Weller who turns 60 today! On his website http://paulweller.com/ you can download the delicate new ballad Aspects for free and it’s beautiful and touching!

The song is also heralding a new album, called True Meanings. It should be out in September as the man himself writes on his site. Weller’s creative flame clearly is still burning.

About Aspects Paul Weller says: “I don’t know if it’s indicative of the album, but it’s certainly the cornerstone to the record for me. It’s also where I got the title of the album from.” The Man also revealed that the new album will be quite acoustic and is in a reflective mood.

The lyrics video of Aspects goes like this.


25.05.2018: Paul Weller turns 60 today!

So, it’s time now to send all the best wishes to Paul Weller, who celebrates his 60th birthday today and has enriched my life tremendously with his great music – with The Jam, The Style Council or solo in his own right – since 1977. Thanks for that and keep up the good work, Paul Weller! Hip Hip Hooray!

24.05.2018: Paul Weller at 60!

What a great guy, what a great artist: Paul Weller, the Modfather, bringer of great music since 1977 – be it with The Jam, The Style Council or solo on his own –, bringer of light, joy, lots of soul and passion and much more to our world, will turn 60 tomorrow! Hip Hip Hooray!

On The Turntable #17: The Style Council – Our Favourite Shop


London, Summer of 1985.

As great actor and music connoisseur Martin Freeman was recently talking in Q Magazine about how much the fantastic second Style Council LP Our Favourite Shop, released on 8 June 1985, influenced him – I remembered the days when I bought this fabulous record which is still very special to me.

Those were lucky days then. I bought Our Favourite Shop in the best place to buy it – that means in London, when I was there throughout August for holidays with my amore, the love of my life up to this day. We sat on the banks of the river Thames or somewhere in Hyde Park or Kensington Gardens and listened to Our Favourite Shop on our Walkman, because we had bought it on music cassette, too. The LP with its grand fold-out sleeve, collecting many of The Style Council’s roots, had to wait of course until we were home again.

I also bought in London, I guess, the Italian music journalist Andrea Olcese’s fine Style Council book Internationalists that explored the world of The Style Council and explained Paul Weller’s way of thinking, song writing and making music then and it impressed me a lot.

With Our Favourite Shop and its forerunners Introducing The Style Council and Café Bleu The Style Council opened my musical horizon and broadened my mind; they made my musical taste much more diverse, brighter and deeper, and they also influenced my political thinking. And they bettered my way of clothing, too, which wasn’t a very difficult task to be quite honest. And they inflamed my interest and love for all about Italy and France, especially Paris and Rome.

I listened to Our Favorite Shop again today, like I do quite often, and with all its magnificent spirit and splendid mix of jazz, rhythm and blues, soul, funk, sixties beat and sixties pop and some funky rap, it hasn’t lost any of its appeal. From Homebreakers and Come To Milton Keynes to Internationalists and Boy Who Cried Wolf to Man Of Great Promise, With Everything To Lose and Walls Come Tumbling Down – one marvellous, brilliant song after another. No more than direct hits!

03.05.2018: Das erste A in ABBA. The First A in ABBA

ABBA und kein Ende. Bei der Recherche im Privatarchiv auf eine superne ZEITmagazin-Titelstory vom 25. April 2013 über Agnetha Fältskog gestoßen.

Das erste A von ABBA erzählt dort ziemlich interessant über ihre ABBA-Jahre, ihr Leben und ihr Comeback mit dem damals neuen Soloalbum A: „Wenn mein Selbstbewusstsein im Keller ist, was schon mal vorkommt, lege ich The Winner Takes It All auf, und dann weiß ich wieder: Das ist wirklich gute Arbeit, Text und Musik harmonieren perfekt, und mein Gesang ist sehr ausdrucksstark. Ich würde nicht das geringste Detail daran ändern wollen.“

So was passt thematisch grad mal wieder gut. Weil Agnetha ja mit ihrem Ex Björn Ulvaeus (das erste B in ABBA), Benny Andersson (das zweite B) und Anni-Frid Lyngstad (das zweite A) im ABBA-Studio in Stockholm nicht nur zwei neue Songs produziert hat, sie wird sich auf der für 2019 geplanten ABBA-Comeback-Tournee, einer durchdigitalisierten Inszenierung, heißt es, wie die anderen drei von digitalen Avataren ersetzen lassen, weil ABBA selbst in Fleisch und Blut nicht mehr auf die Bühne wollen. An so was denken die weitaus mehr verwitterten Rolling Stones bis heute nicht. Die eröffnen nämlich bald in Dublin ihre 2018er UK-Tournee, ganz ohne digitale Helferleins.

Aber auch ABBA – The Comeback geht weiter. Vielleicht wird es ein Desaster, vielleicht großartig, vielen wollen wir mehr davon und bekommen es auch. Einer der zwei neuen Songs heißt jedenfalls schon mal I Still Have Faith In You. Amen.

03.05.2018: Frühlingsblüten in Salzburg. Flowers in Spring

Nach schweren Gewittern und starkem Regen scheint der Frühling so schnell wieder weggewaschen wie er gekommen ist. Geblüht hat er aber überall, selbst in den vorborgensten Winkeln.

Und während es jetzt draußen wieder kühl, windig und nass ist, warten wir auf den Sommer.

After some heavy thunderstorms and heavy rain springtime seems to be washed away so quickly as it came. But beautiful spring blossoms were everywhere, even in the most hidden alleys.

And while it’s now cold, windy and wet outside again, we’re waiting for the summer.

27.04.2018: ABBA – The Comeback

Mamma Mia! Now that Swedish pop-wonders ABBA return after being 35 years on strike with two brand-new songs written and recorded in their studio in Stockholm, can we also hope that we’ll get world peace soon? And that the richness in this world will finally be distributed socially fair? Will the environmental disaster on our planet be repaired last-minute? Will the next pope or the next president of the USA be a woman, maybe with Latin- or Afro-American roots?

Or will The Beatles also make a comeback – oh, sad but true, two of the Fab Four from Liverpool are dead already. Maybe we shouldn’t expect too much.